Design for Mobile & Web

Responsive Design
User Interface Design

It's 2014.This year, over ½ of web traffic will be mobile.

How does your message translate?

Horizontal scrolling, disabled zoom functions, invisible content and slow speeds are giant offenders of non-responsive sites.

'Responsive design' and 'mobile first' philosophies define our design mantra. We optimize your content so that users on all devices will have an equally enriching experience within your site.

Leaven Somersworth Beer & Bread UNH Homecoming mobile site SAU56 Responsive Web Site
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UMICHvsUNH Social Mashup Responsive Web Site UNH Virtual Tour mobile site UNH Mobile site
Dog, Cat & Bird Clinic of Nutley UNH Virtual Dining Menu All Animal Clinic Responsive Web Site

  Front-End Development

Web Template Coding
WordPress Integration

We build sites according to your wishes & requests. Our proficiencies with modern techniques and adherence to standards ensures a site that will stand the test of time.

We leverage many technolgies and integrate web applications to provide you with a dynamic, cutting-edge & intuitive website.

We Give You Control

Yes, user experience is important,
but what really matters is thatyour site is your friend.

You and your site should understand each other & always be on best of terms. Among other CMS (content management platforms) environments, WordPress tends to be a forerunner.

With WordPress, your administrative access allows you to make the updates you're comfortable making. You also have the ability to install plug-ins, gain access to site analytics, user traffic reports, and other invaluable webmaster privileges.

  Marketing & Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Integration & Reporting

We help you devise and implement campaign strategies by combining our branding expertise with the power of online resources and web analytics.

Our SEO techniques are well-crafted and have been proven effective. Our adherence to best practices, ADA compliance and W3C standards also help ensure your site will be properly recognized by all major search engines, and be accessible to all individuals.

Social media integration ensures wider exposure of your message, and maintains a cross-flow of traffic between your social channels and your website. Our tools and insights will enable you to monitor social analytics in accordance with web stats, to help you track results with precision – and further your strategic development.

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